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Aiir Innovations creates advanced software solutions to optimize industrial processes using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision techniques.
Basilisk has a number of unique products that enable Self-Healing Concrete. The technology is based on micro-organisms that produce limestone, as a result crack formation in concrete structures can be autonomously repaired. This way the durability of the concrete structure is greatly improved. The autonomous repair system is implemented in several products that are applicable for both new constructions and existing structures. Currently cracks up to 1 mm can be repaired, but the development goes on.
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BYBORRE is an Amsterdam based textile innovation studio working on the frontiers of material development, functionality and aesthetics through engineered knits. Our signature is the innovative hand-rendered techniques that, through direct interaction with their circular knitting machines, gives us full creative freedom to play with patterns, colours, and textures within textiles. Designing from the yarn up allows us to discover new possibilities both within our own collections and for leading brands. Over the past six years we have worked with clients such as Rapha, adidas, BMW, and Natuzzi. Through consultation and collaboration with other brands, we push knit innovation to find creative ways to achieve the project’s goal.
At C Teleport, we're on a mission to empower people through a flexible online travel management experience that is easy to use. Our Travel Platform allows our users to book, change and cancel flights in a few clicks 100% online. Control budget and track expenses all in one place. With a growing list of clients around the globe and an ambitious team of employees, C Teleport is on its way to changing air travel once and for all.
CEVAP Technology BV, located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, has developed an innovative evaporator based on the Multi-Effect Distillation process. The CEVAP evaporator is built out of plastic materials (evaporation surfaces included). The evaporative surfaces are integrated in disposable, plastic-based cartridges. In case of fouling and/or scaling of these surfaces, the cartridges can be easily replaced in under 30 minutes. The system layout is simple, robust, modular and scalable; systems are available as kit, allowing for on-site assembly without need for special tooling or special technical skills.
ChainCraft develops and exploits proprietary fermentation processes to produce biochemicals from organic waste. The first product range, Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA), can be used in existing and new applications in animal feed, lubricants, plasticizers, polymers, coatings and flavours and fragrances. The main product, the C6 fatty acid Caproic Acid, can serve as an important intermediate for a C6 chemistry platform.
Changing Health is a skilled and talented team dedicated to beating chronic disease; such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and cancer. 41million people a year lose their lives to chronic disease, with 80% of these deaths due to diabetes, obesity and cancer. For many of these, Lifestyle plays an important role in prevention, management and survivorship. Our Changing Health team are focussed on the behavioural, organisational and technical challenges that if correctly addressed will enable people to prevent, reverse or survive some of the worlds most burdensome chronic diseases. We do this by using digital technologies to allow people to access the right care at the right time, no matter where you are or who you are.
E-magy is a designer and manufacturer of “nano-sponge” silicon material for advanced lithium-ion batteries. With the material, Li-ion batteries enjoy a 40% capacity increase. E-magy works with partners throughout the global automotive supply chain. The company is located in Broek op Langedijk, The Netherlands. The people behind E-magy have applied their 20+ years of silicon crystallisation experience to solve the challenge of silicon in Li-ion batteries. The team is driven to utilize the most advanced silicon know-how to bring sustainable solutions to the battery industry.
Eye on Air develops, produces, and sells IMS trace detection equipment (explosives and drugs) for airports worldwide. With its technology, it provides equipment for the 100% screening of passengers and goods for prohibited substances with no delay in processing time per passenger, automatic screening in combination with remote control, full integration in existing infrastructure, and compliance with international rules and regulations. Its technology will encompass the investigation of passenger luggage and air cargo and the monitoring of staff.
Safe, Reliable and Sustainable technical foams for everyone. We are on a mission to transform the foaming industry by offering the world a sustainable & biodegradable alternative to technical foam materials.
FUL Foods
FUL Foods
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Harnessing the benefits of earth’s oldest life sources to create sustainable, nourishing and delicious products to power generations of tomorrow. FUL offers food and beverage products centered around a trademarked carbon negative ingredient featuring key protein and nutrients from microalgae.