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Internship - Fermentation and Downstream Processing R&D



Posted on Monday, May 15, 2023

Internship - Fermentation and Downstream Processing R&D

ChainCraft is currently designing the next factory, which will be capable of producing 20 kilotons of fatty acids. The new factory will run on different feedstocks and will contain several modifications compared to the existing demonstration plant. This internship will be focused on validating technologies at lab-scale in assistance of the full-scale factory design. You will work as part of the R&D team to investigate the behavior of open culture fermentation systems running on various feedstocks, with the aim to further develop ChainCraft's chain elongation production process. In addition to fermentations, physical/chemical experiments focused on validating downstream processing approaches can be part of the internship.

Possible activities

  • Performing open culture bioreactor experiments
  • Screening operational parameters and optimizing performance in support of Full-Scale Engineering
  • Investigating novel fermentation approaches to convert organic residues into valuable platform chemicals
  • Using established laboratory analytical methods e.g. GC, GC-MS, photo spectrometry, etc.
  • Joining in R&D team activities
  • Formulating research together with supervisor

Required profile

  • MSc/HBO Biotechnology, Chemistry or similar
  • Laboratory experience
  • Prior experience with bioreactors is pré
  • Creative problem solver
  • Team player

Timeline Start in Q3/Q4 2023

Contact: Kasper.deleeuw@chaincraft.com